The Secret Tunnel

In 1869, Kath's friends find a way to help Kath escape to a mansion that holds the secrets of her past and the keys to her future.

When unexpected events drive Kath from her log cabin in 1869, a tunnel entrance was found within the precincts of the prison camp to discover her uncle's car is lost at jungle.


James allows Kath to stay, but imposters soon show up claiming to be heirs to her uncle's fortune. Now, Kath must race against time to find the key that unlocks the mystery of her family and heritage.

What secrets are hidden in the mansion? What secrets are hidden behind the mysterious key? Suddenly, Kath's stepmother walked in and they stopped the conversation.

Tunnel a long passage under or through the underground, it was made by people. Up to 10 miners were trapped underground when the roof of the tunnel fell in.

The road goes over the mountains, sea, jungle, not through a tunnel. It is not practicable to complete the tunnel before the end of the year.

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